long time no see~

it’s been a loong time since the last time i wrote in this blog. fuh. too much too do?  too much to think? or even too much time i wasted? huhuu… i’m so sorry.. if only i could travel back in time… T^T

today, i woke up earlier than usual, 5.30 am in the morning, and couldn’t sleep “my 2nd best” (;P) because i felt very uneasy when i think about my future, (and my present status as an unemployed). hah. for me, it’s hard to be an umployed. although i tried to be a (f)unemployed, but still, watching other friends seems to be step-by-step closer to their dream -and i’m just sitting here writing this blabber- is stressing. huff. and to watch other friends becoming better day-by-day.. huhu.. T.T

recently, i realized that my english is getting worse. i rarely practice and use that language, i also don’t have a confidence to talk in english with other people, foreign people. i also seldom doing writing. that’s why. huwee.. i want to practice more and learn more!! i want to be better. i want to start walking! ya Allah, please help me, give me the strength! amin.


~ by penghuni kamar on November 8, 2009.

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